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Jose Merat has been a professional hair stylist and colorist for over thirty years. He was born in the city of Bordeaux, France where he studied hair design and cosmetology and worked at various salons. Determined from an early age to work with – and learn from – the best hair designers of France, he moved to Paris. There he interned with the renowned stylist Herve Boudon with whom he learned to create trends in hair fashion. Later, Jose taught advanced precision hair-cutting theory and coloring to European professionals at Formulaa Technical Center in Paris and held enthusiastically-received hair design shows in Spain, Germany and France. In addition, he negotiated a promotional contract with L'Oreal involving trade show demonstrations in Italy, Greece and Belgium as well as at the L'Oreal Institute in Paris.

For Jose, hair styling is not merely a craft but an art through which he expresses his passion, dreams and ideals. He is a coiffeur-decorator and like every designer he is constantly evolving and growing, always on the alert for innovative products and styles. He brings his vast experience and knowledge to the collaboration between himself and his clients with one clear goal in mind: to help people feel better about their hair and themselves. Jose listens carefully. But he also enjoys offering suggestions and ideas tailored to individual needs, eager to show clients how best to maximize strengths and minimize drawbacks. His reward is the simple satisfaction of each person who enters the Jose Merat Salon not as customers, but as collaborators and, in time, friends.

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